I. closing clos‧ing 1 [ˈkləʊzɪŋ ǁ ˈkloʊ-] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] when a shop or company stops operating permanently:

• The risk of injury did not justify the closing of the factory.

• The firm has announced a series of short-term layoffs and plant closings.

2. [uncountable] the time at which shops, offices etc stop operating for the day:

• The supermarkets here operate late night closing on Thursday and Friday nights.

3. [uncountable] COMMERCE the final point in a deal or sale, when all the conditions are agreed:

• US West will pay $150 million on closing and the balance over four years.

• The firm had insufficient funds to cover the downpayment and closing costs.

4. [uncountable] ACCOUNTING the end of an accounting period
  [m0] II. closing closing 2 adjective [only before a noun]
1. FINANCE coming at the end of a day's trading:

• The shares ended at 65, down 7 points from Thursday's closing price.

• The bond slipped to its lowest closing level for three years.

• The official bank closing rate (= the value of a currency at the end of a day's trading ) showed the pound at $1.8525.

2. final:

• The closing date for the sale of the shares is expected to be May 9.

3. closing statement/​speech/​arguments the final remarks made by a lawyer at the end of a court case:

• He told the jury in his closing arguments that there wasn't a shred of evidence linking his client to any wrongdoing.

* * *

closing UK US /ˈkləʊzɪŋ/ noun
[C or U] the act of permanently stopping a factory, business, organization, etc. from operating: »

Congress passed a law to protect workers and their families from the harmful effects of sudden plant closings and mass layoffs.

Compare OPENING(Cf. ↑opening) noun
[C or U] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE the end of the day's trading on a stock market: »

The rivals have until 1pm to put in their bids and the winner will be declared at the closing of the market at 4.30pm.

Compare OPENING(Cf. ↑opening) noun
[U] COMMERCE the act of finishing business for the day, or the time when this happens: »

We managed to finish our shopping right before closing.

early/late closing »

Monday is early closing.

Compare OPENING(Cf. ↑opening) noun
[U] US BANKING, FINANCE, PROPERTY the final stage of arranging a loan or of buying and selling property: »

We will be ready to move in immediately after the closing.

at closing »

Homeowners have the option of taking a lump sum at closing.

See also COMPLETION(Cf. ↑completion)
[U] ACCOUNTING the end of a period of accounting
closing UK US /ˈkləʊzɪŋ/ adjective [before noun]
coming near the end of a speech, event, activity, etc.: closing remarks/statement »

In her closing remarks, she thanked all the delegates for taking part.


The Prime Minister spoke yesterday at the closing ceremony of the Paris Air Show.

Compare OPENING(Cf. ↑opening) adjective
STOCK MARKET, FINANCE coming at the end of the day's trading on the stock market: »

The Dow achieved a closing record of 5,894.74.


Stock prices had risen 10% by the closing bell.

Compare OPENING(Cf. ↑opening) adjective

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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